とし田美津夫 [ トシダミツオ ]



Mitsuo Toshida is an artist/curator. He also writes articles on the arts.
He received a BFA and MFA from the School of Visual Arts. In later he became a faculty member and co-director of the International Students Program at School of Visual Art.
He has exhibited his artwork at various individual and group exhibitions in US and Japan including “Asia/America” a national travelling exhibition. In 1998, as a member of independent media NPO “Zipangu” edited and published a bilingual book entitled Japan Made in U.S.A., a critique of the U.S. media coverage of Japan. His curatorial exhibition “Empire Within” was reviewed in New York Times.  In 2005 he has returned to Japan, continued his artistic activities while taught at the Hosei University as a part-time faculty of intercultural communication. Currently, he is the executive director of an alternative art space, studio M.